Małgorzata Supera

he law office of Małgorzata Supera was established in 1997. Since that time we have acted as counsel to numerous clients in Poland and other European countries. Our main asset is a team of dynamic and creatvie professionals ready to combine deep knwoledge of law and free market economy in order to achieve the best possible legal solution in every specific case. Our lawyers and legal assistans provide full scope of services to public and private entities offering comprehensive legal support in various areas of law with a special emphasis on European regulations. Our areas of expertise include:
Commercial law and contract law
We offer comprehensive legal assistance in the range of conducting business. We help to choose the best legal form for the specific entrepreneurial activity and take care of its creation. We also provide day-to-day business legal advice in many different areas such as the law of unfair competition, tax law or insurance law. We can provide support in operating corporations and partnerships as well as other legal entities. Our attorneys are experienced in the area of domestic and European business law, business litigation. Our area of practice includes such matters as breach of contract and international commercial contracts.
Labor and employment
Our labor and employment attorneys provide advice in all aspects of labor relations such as drafting local and international employment contracts, labor litigation. We constantly observe the legislation process and provide our clients with up-to-date information helping them to comply with relevant labor regulations.
Intellectual property
Our attorneys can also provide advice in all matters concerning domestic and international intellectual property law. such as obtaining, exploiting and protecting property rights
European law
After Polish accession to the EU many entrepreneurs faced difficulties in complying with the numerous and very detailed European regulations. Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal support for those willing to operate efficiently in the new business environment.
Public procurment law
Thanks to the EU membership Poland gained access to a wide range of European funds. However it is impossible to obtain any public financial support without thorough knowledge of European and domestic public procurement law. Our attorneys provide full support regarding these matters which includes preparation of necessary documentation, complying with specific procedures as well as litigation.